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Do you travel? Yes! I would love to talk with you about a destination shoot. Within one hour of Portland is an additional $50 fee. For further locations please inquire.

When will I receive my photos? My standard turn around time is 3 weeks. This allows me plenty of time to review your entire collection, make the edits and upload the photos for your viewing. It’s hard to wait but it will be worth it!

How will I receive my photos? When your photos are ready you will receive an email from me. Attached will be a link and password to view your photo collection from a website where you can download any and all of your photos.

Will I receive the raw photos from my session ( un-edited)? No. I take anywhere from 150-300 photos in just one session! Many of these photos are near duplicates, show individuals who were not ready for the shot, have a blur etc. As I am editing your gallery I will remove those photos as they are not the quality images I want to deliver to my clients.

What is your cancellation policy?  All photo sessions require a 25% non-refundable deposit of your session total. If you cancel your session 24 hours in advance there is no fee. After 24 hours you will be charged half the price of the session. In working with families, I do understand last minute problems arise. You are always able to reschedule your photo session for a later date at no additional cost or cancellation fee.

What does “Completed Photo” mean? Completed photo refers to the professionally edited images you will be able to download. These photos comprise the best of your gallery and have been edited to enhance the beauty of the colors and nature around you!

What if it rains on the day of my photo session? In most cases we can work with the rain! If it’s on and off showers we can likely move forward with your photos. However, if it’s a constant downpour we will need to reschedule. No one likes to look sopping wet in their photos!

What if my child is not cooperating during the photo session? I have 3 little kids of my own so I’m no stranger to those moments of kids running wild when you’d rather they listen! I will do my best to engage your kids in the photo session and work quickly to get their photos taken. Sometimes it even helps if I just take one kiddo a little farther from the group and snap a few shots! In the end, those moments that seem chaotic usually turn out to be beautiful, silly faces that reflect your children during this time of their life.

What should I wear to my photo session? This is a popular question! I like to suggest you choose 2-3 colors and then coordinate in patterns and solids. This creates a pleasing look for the photos but isn’t too “matchy-matchy”. Check the gallery section of my website for outfit inspiration. If you need further help, I am always happy to put together outfit ideas and send them your way.

What is your maternity client wardrobe? When you book a maternity session with me you gain access to all  of my dresses, gowns and kimonos specific to maternity! There are many colors and styles as well as sizes. Most dresses are made of soft, stretchy material and can fit many pregnant body types. I will deliver the dresses to you prior to your session for try on or if you live near by you are welcome to come see them at my place! I encourage my maternity clients to choose 2-3 dresses  for their session.

Do you have a studio? No but I do offer studio sessions. I rent out space from a local studio with beautiful and bright space. Check through my gallery of images and you’ll find many studio sessions in this location. It’s my favorite! There is an additional fee for studio sessions based on duration of your session. Please message me for specific details!


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